Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's Trillium grandiflorum. I can't wait until I see them in the woods this spring! : )
Well, the trillium series is finished - for now. Just in time for the next exhibit at Whole Foods River Forest's cafe and gallery. (Whew!)

  Illinois is home to nine species of trilliums: Trillium grandiflorum (the large white trillium everyone thinks of when you say trillium), Trillium sessile, Trillium cernuum, Trillium nivale (the dainty snow trillium), Trillium recurvatum (probably the most common species in our woodlands), Trillium erectum, Trillium flexipes, Trillium viride and Trillium cuneatum. I grouped the series - or tried to anyway - most logically by color. The painting above is of the two green trilliums, T. cuneatum (left) and T. viride (right).